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Here you can find a collection of useful links for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn.

Web Links

International Ashes Editions

Ashes Podcasts

Ashes Video Resources

  • flag_uk Rodney Smith’s YouTube Channel Watch it Played features a full instructional series on Ashes, including:
    • General overview of the game;
    • Rules explanation;
    • Deckbuilding tutorial;
    • A full sample game.
  • flag_uk You can also find great videos about Ashes in the Team Covenant‘s Youtube Channel, including unboxing of the core set and of each expansion pack.
  • flag_uk Shi Ma‘s Youtube Channel features many Ashes analysis and gameplay videos. He is also the host of a TwitchTV channel, where he features live Ashes games on Tabletop Simulator in his Phoenixborn Rodeo show. Broadcasts every Monday at 7 PM EST.
  • flag_uk Erik Rodriguez’s Youtube and TwitchTV channels also frequently feature Ashes Tabletop Simulator games.
  • flag_uk The Main Action’s YouTube channel. Featuring videos of games both live and on Tabletop Simulator, with comments and analyisis.
  • Flag_ITA Video Review by GDT Live
  • Flag_ITA Unboxing and Video Review by Fantamagus

flag_uk  Official Rules and FAQ from the Plaid Hat Games Website

Files and other Resources

  • flag_uk PhoenixBrowser, card database and deckbuilding program for android by Elliot Kramer. Allows exporting of decks to Tabletop Simulator  – Current version: [1.05]
  • flag_uk My home-made Ashes full spoiler list on Google Sheets.