Within the mists, even Truth can be reborn
Aradel Summergaard, Phoenixborn of Evermist Valley

Hello, and welcome to the Shifting Mists, a blog about Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn.

My name is Giovanni, aka TheSniperTroll, and if you wish to follow me I will be your guide through the Mists. As I was just recently introduced to this gem, and I believe it deserves a lot more visibility than it has now, I launched this pet project of mine in order to share what little insight I got and to spread some Ashes love.

Disclaimer: I’m more of a casual player and don’t quite have the attitude of a competitive gamer, so take whatever will come out of this blog with extreme caution: no magical formulas to win tournaments here. You have been warned.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Given that the Ashes tournament scene is in its infancy (and the playerbase is pretty small compared to most of the FFG LCGs and similar competitors), I’d say advice for casual players looking to get deeper into the game is exactly what the doctor ordered. 🙂


    • What I’d like to do is to find a way to cover that “intermediate” spot between explaining the basics of the game to new players (we already have a bunch of great reviews and tutorials, and whatever I could do wouldn’t add much) and discussing high-level strategy, which I’d rather leave to players with a little more experience than me, who surely have more significant things to say.
      Meanwhile, as I get deeper and deeper into the game, I hope to also provide content appealing to a wider audience… who knows.

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